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Red apex

Still red late harvest that transforms the indigenous nature of Malbo Gentile into expressive power.

Degrees: 14.5 °


Malbo Gentile 100% from its own grapes, indigenous to the Modena area cultivated on the hills of Basso Frignano at 500 meters above sea level (“Sassi” and “Castagneto” vineyards), production per hectare approx. 45 quintals, manual harvesting in 25 kg boxes.


Selection of grapes in the south / south east with late harvest grapes. Destemmed and brought to the tank, fermentation takes place on the skins for 4/5 days then continues in must. Once the necessary sugar level has been reached, the refinement in oak barrels continues for at least 12 months.

Refinement period: At least 70 months


In the glass it presents itself with a beautiful chromatic concentration, recalling the color of ruby, crossed by some more garnet streaks. The aromas highlight fruity touches enriched by balsamic and mentholated references, while on the finish there are hints of spices. In the mouth it is full-bodied, muscular, characterized by a fresh sip in which the tannic texture is wisely integrated into the general structure.


Pairings: meats, game and aged and blue cheeses.

0.75l bottles  

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