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Gentle malbo

It was Gigliola da Carrara, in the early 1400s, who convinced her husband Nicolò III D'Este, Duke of Ferrara, to transplant Malbo Gentile throughout the Estense Duchy.
Malbo Gentile, originally present in eastern Liguria between Carrara and La spezia, is otherwise called: "Amabile di Genova".
Very interesting in the version of reinforcement to other vines such as Lambruschi and Marzemini, it increases the sugar concentration by bringing fruity and floral aromas.
Excellent in purity in the still version, both dry and sweet, obtained from late harvest or raisin on racks.

Technical characteristics: Blue-black color due to the considerable presence of coloring substances, fragrant musts with a high concentration of sugars, evolving in a medium robust body, good malic-tannic balance, characteristic succinic note and pleasant lactic development.
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