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Bottiglie di vino


No one had ever believed they could cultivate vineyards right in Pazzano, in the heart of Frignano Basso, and be able to produce wines that have unique characteristics.

vino rosso

What our customers say

“A very beautiful place with a breathtaking view of the Serramazzoni hills. About 5km from the Bucamante waterfalls (one of the many wines produced is called Bucamante, among other things). The tasting is really long because the wines are many and of various processes (met. Classico, met. Ancestrale, still reds, some of which aged in barrique). "  


In the early 1400s Gigliola da Carrara convinced her husband Nicolò III D'Este, Duke of Ferrara, to plant Malbo Gentile on the territory of  the Estense Duchy.

Malbo Gentile, originally presented in eastern Liguria between Carrara and La Spezia, is otherwise called: "Amabile di Genova".

Used for reinforcement of other vines such as Lambruschi and Marzemini, it increases sugar concentration by bringing fruity and floral aromas.

Excellent in purity in the still version, both dry and sweet, received from late harvest or passito on racks.


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