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Vigneto uva nera

TERD'ESTE Altonero


Red still organic Bordeaux cut


Degrees: 14 °


Cabernet and Merlot from own grapes, grown on the hills of Basso Frignano at 500 meters above sea level (vineyards "Cacciatori" - "Dino" and "Sassi"), production per hectare approx. 45 quintals, manual harvesting in 25 kg boxes .


The harvested grapes are brought to the cellar during the day, de-stemmed, they ferment naturally on the skins for 4/6 days until the desired color is reached. Once the necessary sugar content has been reached, the refinement in oak barrels is continued for at least 12 months, continuing the refinement in the bottle.


In the glass it has an intense ruby ​​red color. The aromatic profile of our bodolese cut intense and complex with the wide range of typical aromas of Merlot and Cabernet characterized by the fruity aromas represented in the bilberry and red berried fruits. Merlot enhances elegance and softness while Cabernet gives a touch of acidity and strength. The tannins are soft and pleasant thanks to the refinement in oak barrels that carry the tertiary aromas of vanilla and cocoa into the glass.

Still red Bordeaux cut

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