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Camper in the Vineyard 

Le Donne del Vino offer free stops in the vineyards and offer picnics and guided tours!

  Whether it's an old man from the eighties or a super modern model, the soul of the camper remains the same: traveling in freedom!  

The journey as an exciting discovery that brings him into direct contact with nature, territories and people. 

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Free parking area 

A type of transversal experience, which can involve families but also groups of friends and enthusiasts without any age limit.

SPENDING A NIGHT IN THE VINEYARD in fact translates into listening to the voices of nature and the vineyard, breathing in the scent, becoming in tune with the winemaker's production philosophy and with the winemaking processes and techniques.


An area equipped for barbecues in company awaits you!

We set up the tables and the grill, you bring everything you need to cook and eat... and the barbecue is done!

View of the surroundings 

Our area is full of beauties to visit, within a few kilometers you can find the following attractions and many others...

Bucamante waterfalls

Medieval village of Monfestino

Medieval village of Pompeano

The Ophiolites of Varana Sassi

The Devil's Spade

Ferrari Museum in Maranello

240 km of marked routes to do by mountain bike

Museum of the Ancient Rose

Visit Cellar 

Visit designed for wine enthusiasts and others... we will tell a journey... to rediscover ancient and native vineyards, the journey from the vineyard to the bottle of one of our glasses of wine... you will be guided in the discovery of the surrounding vineyards  to the cellar, we will reveal the secrets of our passion.


Possibility, upon reservation, of tasting 5 of our wines paired with typical local products (crescentine, cured meats, cheeses...) for €25 per person.

Bucamante waterfalls 

The Legend of the Bucamante Waterfalls
It reminds  a little  of  the  drama  of  Romeo  and  Juliet  the  story  of IMPOSSIBLE LOVE  of  Odina  and  Tityrus ,  the young  castellan  of  Monfestino  and  the shepherd  linked  by a  passion  without  future,  but  so  overwhelming  from
push them to SUICIDE. Legend has it that after countless love encounters in the depths of the woods, the two were discovered. To put an end to that story, Odina was segregated in the castle. But the call of love was
Too strong. He managed to escape and reunite with his better half. With the castellans at their backs, the two found one solution only: to seek death together.  So  they  did,  throwing  hand  in  hand  from  one  of
falls, finding his death in what has since taken the name of 'BUCA DEGLI AMANTI' (Bucamante). 
Look for  their  spirit  in love  the  next  time  you  visit  this
wonderful corner of Serramazzoni!
....and if you are curious and attentive perhaps, you can find their overwhelming passion even in a glass of our Bucamante...

Big Bench

How to go back to being a child by rediscovering the landscape..

Anyone who comes to visit us will be able to visit the Giant Bench no. with a 10 minute walk. 225.

You can also purchase the Big Bench passport from us. Tourism around the Big Bench was born a few years ago and they are scattered throughout Europe and leads people to rediscover forgotten places and breathtaking views.

In the evenings your gaze from our bench will reach the Venetian Prealps and the Euganean Hills.

Customer experiences

Bicchiere di vino rosso
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Irene Balim Winemaker and Sommelier

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