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Impostazione della tavola di nozze

Social Dinner Exclusive

Moments of socializing and sharing in front of a laid table. Password: curiosity and desire to leave one's comfort zone

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Social Dinner Exclusive: 

It's a dinner between entrepreneurs and freelancers with a common interest: meeting new people.


An opportunity to experience a moment of cheerful conviviality while tasting  wine and a special menu  created by professional chefs.

Why participate in an Exclusive Social Dinner

To make new acquaintances  in a spirit of cheerfulness  spending a pleasant evening in company and can offer a number of personal and professional benefits.  

Here are some reasons why you might consider attending an event like this:Networking, Exchange of ideas and knowledge, Inspiration and motivation, Learning opportunitiesnto, Creation of lasting bonds, Visibility and reputation.

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How does an Exclusive Social Dinner work?

Places are limited by reservation only

Arrive punctually at 8pm to meet the other guests

Maximum freedom in choosing seats!

THEdinner begins: chat, laugh and toast...

But above all, taste the dishes offered  from the chefs and enjoy wine in the company of new friends.


AUGUST 26, 2023 

At 8.00pm 


Agricultural Society Cantina del Frignano srl

Via San Rocco 1185 - Pazzano 41028 - Modena - Italy


At number 3934274698  and we will send you all the information and the invitation for the evening  more exclusive!

Click here to discover the evening's menu!

For those who participate in the Social Dinner Exclusive and come from far away, there is the possibility of booking a room a few steps from the cellar!

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Write on Whatsapp  or call 3934274698 and we will give you all the information.  We have availability of  4 rooms a few steps from the cellar.  


Agricultural Society Cantina del Frignano srl

Via San Rocco 1185 - Pazzano 41028 - Modena - Italy -          Tel. 0536 952338

VAT number: 03821810367

Social Dinner Exclusive 

For many but not for everyone.

Ceato da  TakaSocial  

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